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THIS Is The Most Hated Team In The World!

A few recent pieces on the Tavern sparked death threats and healthy banter in equal quantity.

Man City got a good going over for being guilty of ‘doing a Chelsea’ wandering around buying players willy nilly, but unlike Chelsea failing to achieve much on the back of it. Of course this was a distorted, unfair tack to take as the season isn’t over yet.

Tottenham got walloped too. They have irritated many with their ‘rebirth’, some of their fans are now tipping them to win the League and Champions League after some eye-catching comebacks against Inter and Arsenal. For a good many football fans, pundits cooing over Spurs is as about as welcome as discovering Phil Collins has released another Greatest Hits album.

It used to be that Manchester United were supposedly the target of universal loathing when I was growing up. ABU was the acronym. Anyone But United. They rarely seemed to lose and the urban myth was that their support was rarely native to the city of Manchester. Glory bought allegations of glory hunting but a fool could see that this was largely fueled by rival’s jealously.

My most hated team embody all that is wrong what football has become. Gluttonous; they dine like pigs. Their snouts hoover up delicacy after delicacy washed down with vats of the finest wines known to man. Their gorging never ends, it’s simply a blur of burps, farts and vomiting and soiling as they devour only pausing to demand more.

Their lust and avarice is matched only by their vanity. Bespoke suits,  platinum and gold draped over hands that never open doors, no longer wipe their own behinds. Their existence is ruled by whoring and self advancement. They harvest money, status, praise with the subtlety of a street sweeping machine.

Their anger when challenged is unmatched. Governments bow and scuttle about them as they ooze from State to State taking whatever they want. They rule with the threat of law they have twisted and fashioned to protect their every plot.

This is the most hated team in the world and here is their Captain.

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Article title: THIS Is The Most Hated Team In The World!

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