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Time For Dalglish Attacks To Be Replaced With Reason

Writing for a Liverpool fan site, there is a fine line between what fans would describe as constructive and destructive criticism. As a person who writes blogs on my favourite club, especially when the write two a day to ensure good site numbers, I could be accused of over analysing situations or being seen as writing blogs that are “knee-jerk reaction” to previous matches.

For this reason it is not always easy to look at matches, with performances and results with the right perspective. We are 5 games into the season with Liverpool on seven points with 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses and already people are getting restless about the direction the club is heading in under Dalglish.

After a summer of big spending with high profile arrivals and departures many fans expect instant results, and those not at all happy with our summer purchases have been quick to vent their anger at the manager. There maybe a lot of people out there who know more about football than me, but I can’t see how we are anywhere the crisis point some people are making out after 5 league games. Attacking the manager in such a way is unhelpful to the team, and is reactionary in the extreme. We must remember it is an entirely new team; one which Kenny Dalglish is still finding about, as his tactical mistakes on Sunday are testament to.

In the same instance though, I will never been someone who shows blind faith in a manager, either personally or in his methods. When things started to go wrong during Rafa Benitez’s last campaign as manager, I highlighted the problems I felt Rafa hadn’t addressed and fans, who supported Rafa through thick and thin, defended him as they have the right to do. The same goes with Kenny Dalglish, a legend as both player and manager, he also can’t be immune from criticism, and I will call it as I see it if I believe he makes a mistake.

For me this is constructive criticism of an individual I both admire as a manager and a person. To those who want to attack Dalglish so vehemently early on the season because they feel they know better, I have no time for you unless you have something constructive to say.

Equally though, those who say it is knee-jerk or ill-informed to criticise Kenny and we should go and support another team, this is an opinion site after all. We welcome opinions from all points of view, and as we are free to say what we like, I think any manager, no matter how legendary, can be assessed by what he does right and wrong.

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Article title: Time For Dalglish Attacks To Be Replaced With Reason

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