Time to get real: These 2 Bournemouth players are seriously out of their depth

The Bournemouth fans are drinking in the Tavern tonight and they are wondering who might be departing the club this transfer window.

AFC Bournemouth are a club that have grown exponentially in the last three years having finished in the top half of the table in only their second ever Premier League season.

With such growth it is only natural for the club itself to outgrow some of the players in the squad.

When that happens, certain players must move on not only so their club can bring in a better replacement to continue their rise up the ladder, but for the good of their career as well.

Most players don’t want to be sat on the bench for their entire careers and there are some within the ranks at Bournemouth, who will most likely only ever achieve that.

With that being said, here are two Bournemouth players who are seriously out of their depth.

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