Top 10 ugliest Liverpool players of all-time

spearing.jpgSometimes here at the Football Transfer Tavern we think it can be a bit of a challenge to compile top ten lists – for example if we had to make a list of Fernando Torres misses, we would not know where to start there is simply so many of them.

Struggle and debate as we may there has not been a more difficult one than this – ugliest Liverpool players of all time. Quite frankly a top ten is not enough we think a top one hundred may just about cover it as all we need to do is go through their current starting eleven which has some absolute draw droppers in it. In fact some in the tavern even quip it may be a Howard Webb conspiracy that the side have such a disproportionate amount of ugly players in it.

As it is we have done our best to narrow the list down and get some crackers on here – there is still debate that we have not picked the right ones but when you know the rest of a side makes Jamie Carragher look like the next pin up for the club it is over before it has even begun. Here are our top ten ugliest Liverpool players of all time.

Click on Anfield to reveal the top ten ugliest Liverpol players of all-time.


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