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Top 20 Premiership Tweeters

The invention of Twitter and other forms of social media have once again shrunk the world, in a similar manner to Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone or the creation of E-mail.

However never before has a technology been so gleefully exploited by the already famous rather than those seeking to make their fortune. In a recent article in The Times, serial tweeter Joey Barton proclaimed that Twitter allowed him the opportunity to directly communicate with the public free from the influence of cynical journalists with ulterior motives.

Barton is by no means alone in entering the realms of twitter to burden the general public with footballer’s views with everything from their favourite food to their thoughts on Britain’s justice system , all available through this most favoured of social medias.

Such is the array of footballers who feel it necessary to share their thoughts on the world I’ve complied a Twitter Premiership (based on the current League Standings) with one representative from each club.

Micah Richards: Richards barely manages to string more than 4 or 5 words together in post match interviews, and his 185,000 twitter followers rarely enjoy tweets that stretch beyond this length. Recent Tweets of Richards have attempted to tackle that most challenging of debates as to whether changing the bedsheets or washing the dishes is the dullest task… Riveting stuff.

Rio Ferdinand:  With nearly 2 million followers Rio Ferdinand is amongst Twitters biggest tweeters. Happily willing to break the divide between fans and players the United Centre-back often replies to fan’s questions and is not scared to offer opinions on matters outside of football. Earlier today the defender clashed with Times journalist Matt  Dickinson over the issue of John Terry’s continued involvement with the England squad, a disagreement thats definitely worth a follow.

Benoit Assou- Ekotto: Utterly Baffling, and that’s not just his tweets in french.

Juan Mata: The winger offers his insight into adapting to life in England, unfortunately this is often done in Spanish. But he does run competitions for his followers to win signed merchandise and shares his pre-match build up routines through his tweets.

Danny Simpson:  For those interested in following the Newcastle full-back the subject matter to be enjoyed ranges for the rap music blasting out of his car stereo on the way to training to what he consider banter. A must follow for any insomniacs out there.

Jack Wilshere: Currently Mr Wilshere’s twitter updates are dominated by injury updates but hopefully a return to the field of play will be accompanied by more varied tweets.

Kenneth Dalglish: At a time when many managers are eager to stop their players from tweeting and cut off one of the few mediums that allow multi-millionaire to be accessible to the public it’s refreshing to see a manager get involved in twitter. However updates are infrequent and often regarding Dalglish’s charity work rather than footballing matters.

Titus Bramble: Not even regular posts regarding Charity work can distract from the ironic humour of Bramble’s account featuring an image of him leaving court using a mobile phone. I’m sure his mother will be very proud of how smart he looks…

Anthony Pilkington: Pilkington offers an insight into the day to day difficulties faced by Professional footballers, such as in which clothes shop to spend his wages or the problems posed by snow for his Range Rover. Bringing back the human aspect to the over paid footballer.

Ashley Williams: Using his twitter account as an opportunity to humbly thank those who allow him his privileged lifestyle, and often responds to fan’s questions. Definitely worth a read for any Swans out there.

Phil Neville: Highlights the humour of balancing family life with the status of being a footballer. Often found berating his inability to be in control of television remote in the Neville household, alongside promoting worthy causes… such as his brothers latest attempts at punditry.

Peter Crouch: No posts since 2009, seems to have realised the lunacy of sharing your every waking thought with strangers and let his dancing do the talking.

Darren Bent: Recently spontaneously thanked his boot manufacturer in front of his 350,000 twitter followers. Insightful is not a word I’d use to describe this twitter account.

Clint Dempsey: If his profile pic and recent tweets are anything to go by this particular American is more concerned with fishing than soccer. So for all you fisherman out their get tweeting to Clint.

Peter Odemwingie: A man willing to rival Joey Barton in the twitter philosophy stakes follow this Nigeria for everything from life-affirming quotations to birthday shouts for your child.

Joey Barton: If there’s one man’s twitter account that didn’t need an introduction it’s Mr Barton. From the outset of Twitter Barton has ensured Pencil pushers at the FA have more to do than simply push pencils. Recent FA warnings have been received due to his interjections in the John Terry race row, and no matter what the subject you can guarantee this native of Liverpool won’t be short of an opinion.

 Jody Craddock: Keeping his tweeting as to the point as his tackling, this serial tweeter offers concise views of developments at Wolves in conjunction with often mystifying conversations with supporters.

Fabrice Muamba: With only 4,000 followers this midfielder has much to do to catch up with some of his better known peers. But incentives such his free tickets give aways are likely to see his followers increase, or on second thoughts maybe not unless Bolton’s form rapidly improves.

Chris Samba: Long gone are the halcyon days of Samba offering followers sneak peaks of Blackburn players initiation ceremonies. This account is quickly becoming as quiet as his team-mates support of their manager.

Ali Al-habsi: Wigan maybe be propping up the league but their goal keepers tweets at least offer fans an insight into their goalkeepers morning routine. This account is supciosuly quite outside of office hours…

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