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Top 3 Toffee Sites

Good old ink-and-paper fanzines are still the romantic option for club literature – When Skies Are Grey, some greasy chips, match day bustle, a stink lingering in the air, heavenly – but the internet is clearly now the place where club communities really develop; like insidious bacteria multiplying hideously on a grimy surface.

Indeed, a few ‘click, click, clicks’ on the old mouse and your thrust head-first into a dizzy labyrinth of websites, fan sites and blogs. They’re bookmarked and ‘favourited’, can be informative, irreverent, or (hopefully) both. Often run by passionate and faithful fans, they’re vital for the dissemination of information, as a collective club community, and a forum to air your views instantly.

Of course, there are also a number of sites to fish through. With Everton labelled ‘The Peoples Club’ you should rightly expect a fair few of those good people to be internet active. Certainly, anyone, or any site, that does abet the Goodison cause should be commended. But this is a meritocracy! So let’s stand-up (come on, I can’t be arsed to either, my knees are aching and I’ve just got comfy, but we’ve all got to arise) and salute a couple of the most acclaim worthy Everton sites:

Blue Kipper: A site for true Evertonians, if you know what I mean…no? Ah, f**k ya.

‘ is written by a gang of Evertonians who have known each other for over 30 years’ is the opening gambit, and you can tell (in a good way). Indeed, Blue Kipper is one of my personal favourites, possessing a perfect mix of info, humour and good old love.

Cared for regularly, the site is not just a place to get the latest club news – though you can and, when required, it’s often delivered with wit – but it’s also very much geared to Evertonians and a sense of community in a wider manner; with interactive sections centred around ‘How did you become an Evertonian?’ (‘Call Y’self an Evertonian’), fans photo’s, stories, etcetera, etcetera, and a fun section entitled ‘blubber’ which should raise a stifled smile to even the most miserable of faces (i.e. my miserable face).

ToffeeWeb: Another respected site, I always find it useful for the latest news and ‘rumour mill’. The fan articles – again offering interaction – are also consistently interesting to read and span a range of topics; from business and finances to transfer targets, topical opinion pieces and even existential(ish) laments. I highly recommend this independent site as an informative and well-written place to stop for the latest Goodison goings-on.

When Skies Are Grey: As mentioned in the introduction, When Skies Are Grey is the Everton fanzine sold outside Goodison on match days (only £2 as well, bloody bargain, get it!). These fanzines are always a must-buy, with a range of contributors covering a variety of topics with wit, sharpness and often a tongue-lodged-in-cheek. It also, again, enables Everton fans to put their opinion forward or simply share a story and anecdote from a subjective supporter’s viewpoint.

WSAG is amusing, enjoyable and interesting to read, and so its online presence duly deserves a mention: this has pretty much been done above – i.e. ‘interesting, witty and sharp’.

Also worth a quick mention: Everton-mad and School of Science

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