Top 5 Chelsea ‘cult heroes’

flo.jpgChelsea fnas have seen more players walk in and out of their club than most in recent years, especially since the introduction of a certain Russian billioniare in 2003.

But before all the big money was splashed out, Chelsea went about their business in a different but effective way.

The foreign revolution that begun in the late nineties saw some of the finest players of the modern Premier League era ply their trade at Stamford Bridge.

And then there were those who did it against the odds, or who did it having cost next to nothing – in terms of what the club spends now on players anyway.

Never quite enough to win the major honours, Chelsea were notoriously the Premier League’s nearly men – often so near, yet so far.

But those years are still remembered fondly by Chelsea fans, and many a cult hero was born at Stamford Bridge.

Join us in the Football Transfer Tavern as we countdown their top five of recent years.

Click on Stamford Bridge to reveal the top 5 Chelsea ‘cult heroes’.


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