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Top 5 flops of the Premier League season so far

Punters here in the Transfer Tavern are counting down the days until the Premier League gets going again, after England suffered a 2-0 defeat to Spain on Friday, there isn’t really a lot for our punters to get excited about.

The Three Lions have to take on France on Tuesday, so all of us here in the Transfer Tavern are again fearing the worst, and simply can’t wait for the Premier League to return.

Indeed, England’s top league certainly hasn’t disappointed, and though Manchester City and Arsenal have been identified as the clear favourites so far, the likes of Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur will give us hope that this could be the greatest title race in a while. At the foot of the table, the action looks to be equally as exciting.

The varying performances of certain teams got us all thinking, who really hasn’t impressed so far since moving to England?

The likes of Anthony Martial and Kevin De Bruyne have been outstanding, but below are five names who simply have been below par so far.

Hit everyone’s favourite Premier League flop Falcao to see FIVE other woeful performers this season!




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