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Top 5 Footballer Movie Auditions

Despite diving being such a shameful act and disgrace to football, it does have a comical side to it. To pick just five is a difficult task as there are so many divers in the modern game, but these are the one’s that will forever be in my memory.

We can’t be too hasty to ridicule these players; after all they are just showing off their versatility. Some of these ‘actors’ just want to make it to Hollywood after they hang their boots up and are just showing a sneak preview of their performance skills. The movie industry is out of their reach, so maybe they might have better luck doing comedy sketches.

5- Sergio Busquets v Inter Milan-Champions League semi-final 2010

Inter Milan were unfairly reduced to ten men after Thiago Motta was sent off for putting his hand on Busquet’s face. What made this incident so memorable was the famous Busquet’s sneak peek. After conning the referee with his outrageous acting he took a quick glance to check if Motta was shown the red card before covering his face again.

4- Rivaldo v Turkey-World Cup 2002

Rivaldo not only feigned an injury but fooled the referee by clutching his face after Turkish player Unsal kicked the ball at Rivaldo’s leg while waiting to take a corner. Unsal was shown a red despite the linesman being right next to the Brazilian. Rivaldo is still waiting for a phone call from Hollywood.

3- Gilardino v Celtic- Champions League 2007

When you supposedly get brought down by the goalkeeper your initial reaction would be to fall down. Not Gilardino. As we recall this incident there was a distinct delay between the hit and the fall. It was only after a few seconds that the Italian remembered to fall to ground. Only a sniper shot can explain his delayed reaction. Film directors wouldn’t be too impressed with the Italian after he forgot his part.

2- Didier Drogba and Jens Lehmann- Chelsea v Arsenal 

This was just classic and comedy at its best. When you see two heavyweights fall to the ground that easily you just have to sit back and laugh. It was basically anything you can do, I can do better.

It began with Lehmann lightly shoving Drogba which ended in the big Ivorian falling dramatically to the ground.

Drogba then repaid the favour by rushing over to the German and barged him with faintest of touches which resulted in the German also showing off his moves.

 1-Steven Taylor- Newcastle v Aston Villa

This has to be number 1, purely on the fact that Steven Taylor actually thought he could get away with murder. What was he thinking seriously, doing some slow motion action? While he pretended to get shot in the chest he actually stopped the ball from going into the net with his hand. He got a call to star in an action movie but turned it down- only joking.

This video below deserves special recognition. If you haven’t already seen it you must take a look.

It just has to be in a league of its own for most idiotic thing ever to be done in football. Who takes a players’ hand and use it as a weapon to hit themselves.

Pure class.

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