Top 5 Footballing Foul Mouths

Samir Nasri showed all the grace of a Joey Barton sending off after France’s exit from the Euros launching a foul mouth tirade at an unsuspecting journalist, as reported in The Mail.

Here’s my take on the foulest mouths the footballing world has to offer:

John Terry: Video footage of a certain incident from Chelsea’s clash with QPR last season offers the firmest of proof that the Chelsea captain has one of the foulest mouths the world of football, or anywhere else for that matter, has to offer. He’s also not the shyest when it comes to reacting to a referee’s decision with a parade of four letter words.

Joey Barton: No amount of quoting greats of Philosophy or Literature will convince anybody that this particular native of Liverpool has a silver tongue. Although his actions on occasion may be more detestable than his words he still more than merits his high placing in this particular league table.

Wayne Rooney: While his discipline record, in terms of cards received, may have dramatically improved last season and he began to finally display the temperament of a senior professional incidences such as his explicit outburst to the television cameras and his inability to curve his language when it comes to reacting to officials make his inclusion a must.

Neil Warnock: A man often described as being able to start a fight in an empty is unsurprisingly not exactly family friendly on the language front. There’s been countless outbursts from the Leeds Manager during his long managerial career and this piece from The Mirror lists some of his greatest or most embarrassing, depending on your perspective, rants.

Ryan Babel: After a mainly unimpressive and low key stint in the Premiership the Dutchman might not be the most obvious candidate, however anybody who has had the misfortune to endure Mr Babel’s dalliance into the world of rap will understand why he is.

His subject matter refers to the ladies of Liverpool in a less than respectful manner, here’s a link to if you want to check out Babel’s work for yourself… I  wouldn’t recommend it though.

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