Top 5 Players of 2010 According To …A Luton Town Fan!

#1 David Villa (Barcelona/Spain)

In a World Cup year, the big tournament has to have a say in who were the top ten players of the year and it wasn’t only England’s players that never turned up. Lionel Messi, Drogba, Ronaldo and co were all second rate in South Africa. The only big-name forward player that produced was David Villa who was by far the player of the competition and by proxy, the player of the year.

#2 Andres Iniesta (Barcelona/Spain)

The permanent undersung star of both Barcelona and the Spanish national team because he does the sort of work that won’t end up on highlight reels. Another great year by the ‘metronome’ of World Football and confirms my belief that he is the best player in the World. Do you want to know why Barca can beat Real 5-0? They have the 2 best players of 2010 & Lionel Messi, errr, pretty good me thinks.

#3 Gareth Bale (Tottenham)

Nobody is being talked about more right now than Gareth Bale. Van Der Vaart’s signing and ability to utilise him, allied to his move to midfield, have turned him into the most talked about player of this Champions League season. Rightly so too, his two performances against Maicon are starting to scare right-backs everywhere, he is becoming the new Ryan Giggs before our very eyes.

#4 Javier Hernandez (Manchester United)

Chicharito (little pea, if you didn’t know what it meant), first excited United fans in scoring two goals for Mexico during the World Cup against France and Argentina, despite costing them almost as much as Van Der Vaart had Spurs. However, the 22-year old really took off in United’s hearts when he scored a brace against Stoke to win the game at the Brit. He is by far the most exciting player United have by far and despite being just 5’9, is the best technical header of the ball United have.

#5 Jay Bothroyd (Cardiff/England)

Any time a non-Premiership Player gets international recognition he deserves to be in the players of the year, whether he deserves it or not. Is he England class, NO. However, he is starting to regularly produce the talent everyone always knew he had.

Honourable mentions: Andy Carroll, Mesut Ozil, Thomas Muller, Marc Albrighton, Jack Wilshere

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