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Top 5 Players Of 2010 …According To A Spurs Fan

From an early age I was always suspicious of people who claimed ‘such and such film’ was the best ever made, or ‘so and so is the best player this season or whatever’. It’s a subjective business so these are more my Top 5 Eye Catchers opposed to ‘a chart’ of definitively who’s best. I’m not 10 and presume most of you aren’t either.

So, legal disclaimer out the way – here we go.

#5 Cahill transfer rumours rumble occasionally but he has all the characteristics of a man that won’t leave Goodison on a whim. His value to Everton is probably as close as you get to being ‘more than money’.

He is a professional, committed team player who inspires and frequently scores. 9 goals in 19 games this season. Left foot, right foot and headers galore. Teams talk about this mysterious thing called ‘the winning mentality’. Cahill has it.

#4 Nasri Just like that Ad for No Win No Fee Lawyers, let me make one thing perfectly clear… Sami Nasri isn’t my cup of tea. I’m not some blinkered idiot who refuses to even wear anything red, it’s I just don’t warm to the guy.

But as a footballer and as an influence in Wenger’s 2010/11 squad he has been a stand out player. He too has scored 9 goals this season so far, but his contribution to the Gunners campaign as a whole has been immense. There are few players who could genuinely walk into any top side, but Samir must be considered as one of them.

#3 Van der Vaart Bought in at the very last minute in the last transfer window by Spurs, he came in like Modric before him well off the radar. A number of big clubs must wonder how in the name of all that is holy they missed out on a player that cost £8M.

He clearly has found the Premiership ‘interesting’ in terms of it’s physical demands but boy does he deliver in the 60-70 minutes he is good for. Spurs fans are constantly looking for a Messiah and this boy don’t half fit the bill. Fabulously gifted wive too HERE

#2 Tevez is a machine. If Predator wanted to take up football he would go to Carlos for tips. He wears a snood that you just know that FA refused initially as it had human ears sewn onto it.

Gags aside he has consistently shown an overwhelming desire to win that quite frankly has cast a huge shadow over dozens of his contemporaries not only at City but in many many other Premiership clubs. Love him, hate him? He doesn’t care he is here to play and play to win.

#1 Bale has given lots of Spurs fans kittens. Not with his performances. But with the attraction globally he has attracted with his frequently jaw dropping performances this season. We actually got emails here at the Tavern telling us not to run stories of interest in him as it was simply fueling the fire! Diddums.

Gareth has been truly inspirational as both a goal scorer, a play-maker and defender. When Spurs are on the back foot he is rarely off the play. He has shown flashes of inspiration before now, but this season he has been little shy of glorious.

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Article title: Top 5 Players Of 2010 …According To A Spurs Fan

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