Top five worst Chelsea football shirts

chelseathirdEvery weekend Chelsea supporters flock to various Premier League stadiums in their droves, wearing the same brightly coloured uniform as they get behind John Terry, Frank Lampard and co.

These fans will normally buy anything mass-produced by the club, just to have the latest, up-to-date merchandise and with the increasingly modern trend of not only possessing three kits a season but also replacing the home jersey every year, this leaves the loyal Blues fan paying the cost.

However unluckily for these supporters, some of these so-called uniforms have been churned out by designers who have let their imagination go too wild to produce shirts that would look better on a construction worker and not on a football fan!

These crimes against fashion should have been left in the history books and not on the backs of the stars gracing the Bridge. The Blues have gone from interestingly striped kits to ones that look nothing like a football shirt should and these should be consigned to history. However we’ve had a chat with Chelsea fans at the bar and they have provided the five kits that they would like to see disappear from their past.

Click on Stamford Bridge to reveal the top five worst Chelsea football shirts.


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