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Top five worst Manchester City football shirts

1995:1996 - AwayManchester City fans have been there and seen it all down the years, from relegation, to play off joy, to Premier League title glory.

But even those supporters who have seen it all, have had to occasionally look twice upon the release of a new kit, with some being bad enough to make your eyes burn!

City have tried a series of sportswear brands in an attempt to get it right, with all of them failing miserably at one stage or another.

Reebok, Umbro, Kappa, and even Le Coq Sportif have tried their hand at supplying City with the perfect kit and as our countdown reveals, they couldn’t have done a worse job if they tried.

It seems City have been trying to find their identity through their shirts while at the same time trying to stand out from the crowd, as bright yellow, bright orange, and platinum silver suggest. None of them managed it and all of them looked ridiculous.

Not that City fans will be too bothered about the state of their past kits considering their incredible rise to Premier League superpowers, so even they can sit back relax and have a laugh as we countdown Manchester City’s top five worst ever football shirts.

Click on the Etihad Stadium to reveal the top five worst Manchester City football shirts.


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