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Top Ten Chelsea kits of the last 20 years

Chelsea AwayThis is a look at the Top Ten Chelsea Football Shirts from the past 20 years. Which is your favourite?

10. 2000-01 – Away

Chelsea went through a stage in the back end of the 1990’s of sporting yellow away shirts. It was a good colour to have at the time considering it wasn’t too popular amongst other teams. The yellow and blue was a simple design yet was a favourite of mine. It featured considerably in what was a successful season for Chelsea.


9. 1987-89 – Home

Just sneaks into the last twenty years as its tail end reached 1989. Chelsea normally tend to keep their more outrageous ensembles to their away range, however the late 80’s saw players sporting this striking number, and let’s face it, being sponsored by Commodore can never do any harm.


8. 1994 – 96 – Away

This kit, although it is in fact pretty horrible, holds some significant memories for myself. Chelsea were wearing this kit in one of the first times that I ever watched them play and it reminds me of that time. It also bears a little resemblance to a Manchester United kit of the 90’s, another horrible shirt.

chelsea-away-football-shirt-2007-2008-s_3923_17. 2007-08 – Away

I am sure I was not the only Chelsea fan who was shocked when the Blues unveiled this kit a few seasons back, however, as the season went on I found myself liking it more and more. Whatever the weather, the players would have no problem spotting each other.

football_shirt_2136_1_500x400x06. 1997-99 – Home

This shirt for me marked a change in the look of Chelsea as they moved into a more modern look after previous shirts. In addition to this it marked a spectacular few seasons for Chelsea in which they clinched an impressive amount of silverware. A kit always looks nicer if the memories are good.

football_shirt_14480_1_500x400x05. 1996 – Goalkeeper

One of Chelsea’s more comical goalkeeper shirts. I challenge any Chelsea fan to picture Dimitri Kharine or Kevin Hitchcock in this shirt and keep a straight face. I remember owning this one myself when I was a youngster, it pains me a little to picture myself in it now!


4. 2003-05 – Home

The kit that ushered Chelsea into the Abramovich era. Another simple design yet again one that is accompanied by great memories as Chelsea secured their first league title since 1955 – the first of my lifetime and one that I’m sure some Chelsea fans had been waiting a long time for.

football_shirt_2135_1_500x400x03. 1993-1994 – Away

I said to myself I wasn’t going to include a joke kit in the top three, but then I stumbled across this gem. What a shirt. Whoever designed this number must have had a screw loose. Cover the badge and how many people do you think would correctly guess this to be a Chelsea shirt? Not many I think.

chelsea-home-football-shirt-1995-1997-s_2139_1 2. 1995-97 – Home

The first Chelsea home shirt I can remember owning myself. Everything about this shirt is a bit rash; the badge, the sponsor and the CFC logo in the background. This kit was also the first home shirt that the legendary Gianfranco Zola wore and Chelsea lifted the 1997 wearing it, so it will hold a place in many fans hearts.

football_shirt_6465_1_500x400x01. 2008-09 – Home

My personal favourite Chelsea shirt. It says a lot that this is my favourite considering last season was largely unsuccessful and it is also the kit that John Terry experienced his Champions League misery in. In addition to this I was a bit pre-emptive when purchasing mine, getting ‘Deco -20’ on the back after a few impressive performances from him; an error in hindsight. All this aside, it is my favourite of the last 20 years.

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Article title: Top Ten Chelsea kits of the last 20 years

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