Top Ten Goal Celebrations

Hull CelebrationJimmy Bullard and his Hull teammates reminded us of the funny side of football at the weekend as their goal celebration at the City of Manchester Stadium mocked the controversial on-field rant Phil Brown had exacted in that same fixture last season. Football’s full of crazy goal celebrations of all sorts with players often taking the chance to show their creativity to the world with their celebrations and there are countless excellent celebrations out there to the point where I wish I could show you them all. Here are ten of the best though and I’m sure you can agree that these are some cracking celebrations:

10. Peter Crouch – The Robot

This celebration was so popular that England fans were dismayed when Crouch declared he wouldn’t be doing it any more unless England won the World Cup. The Robot dance is funny enough in itself but the sight of the 6’7 Crouch doing it with his lanky frame caused a lot of amusement for supporters.

9. Craig Bellamy – Playing Golf

Bellamy, at Liverpool at the time, was in trouble at the club with rumours circulating that he had hit teammate John Arne Riise with a golf club. Bellamy promptly scored in his next appearance for the club in their big Champion’s League clash with Barcelona and celebrated…with a swing of an imaginary golf club

8. Jurgen Klinsmann – The Dive

Something tells me this celebration wouldn’t go down so well if it were performed these days…popular German striker Jurgen Klinsmann was accused of being a serial diver. The accusations didn’t bother Klinsmann who showed that he saw a funny side in it by throwing himself dramatically to the ground when he scored a goal for Tottenham. The fans loved it.

7. Temuri Ketsbaia – Hatred of Advertising Boards

There’s something about aggression in football that screams passion and makes supporters pleased to see it – that’s what made Newcastle man Temuri Ketsbaia’s celebration so successful as he celebrated his goal by kicking the crap out of nearby advertising boards

6. Julius Aghahowa – Acrobatics galore

Those players nimble enough to perform acrobatics often come up with flying celebrations which excite the crowd and are impressive to watch  Unfortunately I can’t include all of them like Lomano LuaLua’s or Robbie Keane’s so here’s Julius Aghahowa’s – arguably the most impressive of all as he flips and flips and, well, flips.

5. Robbie Fowler – Snort

It’s another case of responding to off-field woes here as Robbie Fowler responded to claims that he was a cocaine addict by sniffing imaginary cocaine off the lines on the pitch. Unfortunately for the Liverpool legend his manager didn’t see the funny side and soon sent the joker on his way out of the club.

4. Bas Savage – Moonwalk

One from the lower leagues here – Bas Savage isn’t much of a scorer but when he does get on the scoresheet the forward knows how to impress and he gained plenty of coverage from Soccer AM for his sideways moonwalking which delights the crowd.

3. Lee Sharpe – The Sharpe Shuffle

Dancing celebrations are often popular and none more so than Lee Sharpe’s old celebration for Man United which saw the forward race to the corner flag and sing and dance with it, providing plenty of entertainment for the surrounding fans.

2. Bernardo Corradi – Hadouken

Corradi isn’t particularly popular in England having had a pretty poor spell at Man City a few years back but this goal celebration where he mimics the most famous attack from the popular fighting game series Street Fighter endears him to me. Shame Sun Jihai decided to dodge all the “attacks”

1. Lee Bradbury – Knocking out the team

Upon scoring for Bournemouth, Bradbury turned and, one by one, knocked over each of his teammates who ran towards him with swift punches to the air. The originality of the move combined with the dramatic wrestler-esque style falls of the teammates makes this my favourite goal celebration of all time.

So there you have it, ten of the best goal celebrations. Think that any of them don’t deserve to be up there? Or do you have a celebration that you prefer that deserves a mention? There’s plenty out there and footballer’s keep coming up with new ways to keep us entertained following their goals. You’ve got to love it really!

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