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5 Reasons Spurs WILL Win The Champions League

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1) The Underestimation factor!

Despite their performances, I still believe most teams outside England still underestimate Spurs. Beating Inter once will have made people take notice sure, but most teams will still see the 4-0 lead in the San Siro and the 3-0 start they gave Young Boys and think the home Inter game was a one off.

2) The Experience factor

Most people will say Spurs are too inexperience both in the Champions League and international level to be realistic contenders. Unlike most teams to break into the Champions League places from ‘outside the big boys’, this Spurs side has experience everywhere; Gomes, Gallas, Hutton, Van der Vaart, Crouch etc. All had Champions League experience before this campaign and international major championship appearances are all over the rest of the squad.

3) The Gareth Bale factor

Although the win against Inter might not be enough to scare the rest of Europe, the name Gareth Bale seems to be. Which is great for Spurs, if a side comes with the special strategy to ’slide coverage to the right’ in order to give the full-back support against Bale, they will be missing the point. The true reason behind Spurs’ success is Modric and especially Van der Vaart picking him out round the back, if teams obsess themselves with Bale, those two should have a field day (and if Lennon can improve, he will have the freedom of half of White Hart Lane).

4) The Crouch factor

Like him or not, Peter Crouch scores goals against anyone and there is no-one at the top tier in the world game that understands how to play against him, let alone execute it. That may well be because defenders aren’t used to dealing with players that it makes no scientific sense that they’re good at football. Let’s be honest here, Ralph Wiggum from the Simpsons looks more like a football player than Crouchy, but Crouchy is a World-Class goalscorer.

5) The History factor

Everybody knows the rule. ‘If the year ends in 1, Spurs will win the Cup.’ Anybody notice how this is the year of the double 1? I’m expecting a Cup double this time around and oh look, Spurs are already out of the League Cup!

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Article title: 5 Reasons Spurs WILL Win The Champions League

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