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Be warned: The 2 games that could ruin Tottenham’s season

Fans never really know what they’re going to get supporting Tottenham Hotspur. One moment they could be absolutely brilliant, the next they’re putting in a display that has everyone scratching their head.

Out of the teams who are vying for a top four spot, Spurs are amongst the most likely to falter when it really matters. Not because they don’t play nice football. They do. But because of the absolute lack of signings they brought in over the summer transfer window. Where their competitors were reinforcing their teams with some serious quality, the Tottenham boardroom were too busy installing VIP suites and NFL changing rooms in their stadium. Priorities.

Anyhow, with that in mind here are two matches that could ruin Tottenham’s season…

PSV v Tottenham (24/10/2018)

A very recent one for our first suggestion but perhaps the most significant.

The match ended in a 1-1 draw leaving Tottenham in third place behind Inter Milan and Barcelona, and just ahead of their opponents PSV on goal difference. Spurs currently sit in a position that would automatically qualify them for the next round of the Europa League should they remain.

Despite the cup gaining some more credibility in recent years, with first place accessing one of the final spots of next seasons Champions League instalment, it adds a huge amount of fixtures onto the normal season. Since Tottenham’s squad is so slight already, this is probably the last thing they wanted in their quest for the top four.

Arsenal v Tottenham (02/12/2018)

Fixture speaks for itself.

Both sides are battling for a top four spot, and both are looking particularly good at the moment.

The match-up between the two much later in the season (02/03/2018) is also significant and warrants mention; however, given that this is away at the Emirates, and happening whilst the league standings are still forming, it gets the nod.

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