Spurs Set To Bag ‘Asian Ronaldo’, For Just €3M!

No disrespect but the name Feng Renliang sounded more like an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics than anything else.

Googling the name, I thought  was going to find out my favourite arm chair should be in the bathroom and all my childrens toys should be replaced with Bonsai trees. No, I stand corrected, Bonsai’s are Japanese…shows how much I know then.

So to my surprise. I discovered Feng Renliang just happens to be China’s answer to Christiano Ronaldo. The comparison is not for a vain appearance or blatant arrogance but because he is one of the most highly rated wingers in the Chinese Super league.

No wonder Spurs are tracking him. At 2 million Euros, Feng, is a real transfer coup. It’s no secret that Asian players are becoming increasingly popular with European teams, especially in the Premiership. Manchester United’s Park Ji-Sung has been the Premierships most notable Asian import to date and Arsenals latest recruit, South Korean Striker Park Chu-Young is set to be a very tricky opponent as he looks to make a name for himself. This mounting interest comes simply from the Asian leagues being uncharted territory up until recently. Discovering overseas talent was once dominated by the European leagues and with wages and transfer fees rocketing, it comes as no surprise that our clubs are turning to Asia more and more.

According to the Chinese media, Harry Redknapp has received ‘positive reports’ on the player from his Asian scouts Ian Bloomfield and Michael Morris who watched Feng against Guangzhou on Wednesday night. However it is believed that Harrys initial offer of €2million was rejected by Shanghai Shenhua who are believed to value the 23 year old at €3million.

Despite the Chinese football media being famed for unfounded speculation, Tottenham have been clearly named by a Shenhua board member suggesting some credibility in the story.

If we do see Feng turn out for Spurs, will they have succeeded in acquiring a talented individual at a ridiculously low price or, as some media reports suggest, bought a player with ‘One dimensional play’, ‘speed rather than skill’ and an inability to make use of his left foot?

Only time will tell, but Feng definitely has the potential to succeed and Tottenham’s interest and investment could prove vital for him to have any chance of a successful career in the Premiership.

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