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Taxi For Marmite

The Twittersphere was severely jolted this afternoon as if it were struck by a rather large asteroid baring the word ‘HOPE’ in pulsating neon lettering along it’s side.  Henry Winter, Torygraph hack and orange juice slurper on Sky’s Sunday Supplement Tweeted:

“Sandro arrival at Spurs may mean exit for Jenas. A thoroughbred colt, JJ never really trained on. Sad. Nice guy, good technique but hunger?”

I think ol’ Henry flatters the boy. He certainly flattered Spurs fans. We got an seemingly endless supply of ‘pushing for top four’ and ‘could go all the way’ nonsense from him in the press, but on the pitch it wasn’t so bright and forward thinking.

Lateral balls and back passes cast a pervading cloud over the odd glimpse of good he did give us.

I admired him at one point, I really did. In many ways he had about him what Spurs was to me, that sexy 30 yard pass and a sweet touch. But what he came to represent was a type of player you couldn’t actually rely upon. He ‘showed up’ for only the briefest of spells in games and then, more often than not, became invisible.

What will become of him? Without being nasty, just practical, he might consider rejoining Newcastle when they come back up. He’s just their type.

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Article title: Taxi For Marmite

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