Undoubtedly A Talent But £20M – Who Is Going To Pay That?

With January fast approaching, one man seeming to be  on everyone’s tranfer agenda is Wilfried Zaha. As the youngster fastly becomes the next prized asset in English football, big guns such as Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United have all began to  express an interest in signing the Winger from Crystal Palace. Which one would be most suited to the 18-year old?

As Tottenham are rumored to be the favorites I will start with them first. After floundering at the beginning of the season, Spurs have retained some of the form they had shown in the previous Redknapp era. After overhauling the squad somewhat in the summer, Tottenham will surely be looking to add to their squad after losing out to Moutinho on the last day of the last window. Whether that transfer interest is renewed or not is unsure, as Moutinho supposedly searches for Champions League football.

What is clear is that Tottenham need to add another play-maker to their ranks after losing Modric and van der Vaart. Whether that be a striker or winger is unsure.  With rumors surrounding the future of star player Gareth Bale also, I could well see Tottenham going in for Zaha, with the winger very suited to the free-flowing play that spurs produce.

Verdict: Very Likely.

The second most likely destination I would be believe would be Tottenham’s great nemesis, Arsenal. I make this very simple assumption on the basis that the gunners will need another winger to replace Walcott, when the wingers decides on which club will pay him the most. Signing Zaha would be a pretty much like a straight swap, so I do expect that these two London clubs will fight it out again in the transfer market to try and land this talent. I think at the end it will become a case of which club sells first that decides where this star’s future lies. Not that these clubs don’t have the money, but at £20m  Zaha would be a very expensive substitute.

Verdict: Very Likely.

Now for the next two clubs I will try and sum up how realistic their attempt are in landing this English hotshot. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen these two delve into the January transfer market, as the quality for cash ratio seeming to put off both clubs. Both clubs are still haunted by bad club management from their respective owners, meaning that  these clubs have become two of the most predictable teams in the Premier League when it comes to when and how much they spend.

Having spend over £40m in the summer I wouldn’t be expecting Manchester United to delve into the market, unless another club came in for a player such as Nani and they needed to replace him. Liverpool aren’t really a position to offer £20m for a promising younger star again and with the prominence of  Sterling at Anfield, I see it very unlikely that this transfer will happen. Although I believe that Liverpool will strengthen in other areas.

Verdict: Very Unlikely.

But what do you think?  Have your say below.

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