[Video] PSG’s Carlo Ancelotti Hails Liverpool Fans

Thanks to our friends at CNN International we are able to bring you this exclusive interview with ex Chelsea boss and now Paris St Germain supremo, Carlo Ancelotti.

Carlo Ancelotti:   I think that we have a fantastic team; we have to challenge other fantastic teams in Europe.  I think that we are ready to challenge.

CNN’s Don Riddell: You’ve worked under Berlusconi, Abramovich, now the owners of Paris Saint Germain; are some billion dollar owners more demanding than others?

Carlo Ancelotti: At the end, they love football like me, they are very passionate, they love their club; I would like to leave a good memory on this club for the future.

[on PSG’s summer signings]

Carlo Ancelotti: For PSG it was not an easy market but I think that the club worked really hard, we were able to do… we spent a lot of money, but I think that for the future of the club it’s fantastic.

CNN’s Don Riddell: As a manager, if you could choose, do you think you’d get more satisfaction out of building a team and managing a team where you didn’t have all this money and they were successful, or do you not think it matters?

Carlo Ancelotti: For me it’s a fantastic experience because I am, I feel part of an important project, part of a project is to build a very good club in France, in Paris; Paris is a fantastic city, the only club that lives in Paris is Paris Saint Germain, this is very good motivation for every one of us. 

CNN’s Don Riddell: When you find the football scores what’s the first score you look for?

Carlo Ancelotti: Milan 

CNN’s Don Riddell: Best player you’ve ever coached?

Carlo Ancelotti: Maldini 

CNN’s Don Riddell: Player you’d like to coach one day?

Carlo Ancelotti: I have all the players here, so… [laughs] 

CNN’s Don Riddell: Are you superstitious?

Carlo Ancelotti: A little bit 

CNN’s Don Riddell: Which team has the best fans?

Carlo Ancelotti: In my opinion Liverpool fans, when they sing a song they… I don’t know in English, but your skin is…

CNN’s Don Riddell: The hairs stand up?

Carlo Ancelotti: Yes.

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