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Villa’s £45M Spending Spree Feat. Keane, McGeedy, Bentley & Young

Some interesting reports filtering through this morning. Robbie Keane, the man whos face saving exercise failed upon his return to White Hart Lane from Anfield is adamant he wants to stay and fight for his place at Tottenham.

Harry Redknapp still believes that the player has plenty to offer Spurs which, if things stay as they are means talk of a striker for Tottenham could amount to just that. Talk. The only conceivable catalyst for change might be the departure of Crouch to Liverpool.

How likely this is is anyone’s guess. Certainly Roy Hodgson has made enquiries. The News Of The World’s ‘Happy Hooker’ piece won’t have done anyone any good, but has to be largely mischievous rather than instrumental in any business transactions.

Crouch has scored plenty of goals, but his style affects the style of Tottenham play whereby the word hoof is used more frequently on the football pages than the racing ones to describe it.

Liverpool are very aware, thank you very much,  that they need to come out swinging this time round. It was all very cosy that Torres eventually pledged his heart to the cause, but Roy clearly has thoughts of a 442 to secure his ambitions opposed to ‘hope’ that Fernando recaptures the form that largely alluded him in South Africa.

Rumours of Ashley Young gather a pace and the cynic in me has to ask if this is remotely based on fact or the bi-product of a pretty listless window. Young’s stock whether Villa fans care to admit it or not has slowly fallen and the ‘sensation’ of a few seasons ago is still a good player, but not much more. Not a whiff of an England game, but mind you, as the ‘regulars’ are currently dropping like flies he could yet.

The football press seem equally determined to move David Bentley out of Spurs. Another player with a true current market value closer to the list price of a Nissan Micra than the millions Spurs paid for him. Perhaps they know something we don’t, but the idea that Martin O’Neill has Dave’s poster on his bedroom wall seems to me entirely unbelievable.

McGeady is determined to move out of Scotland. He’s been extensively reported as having tea and cakes with Spartak Moscow, but it is thought that a Premiership home would perhaps be more appealing to him. Again, Aston Villa are in the frame.

Potentially there could be some transfer fireworks here. If Villa sold Young on top of Milner, they could hit the market with some £45 million to spend. But I have a sneaking suspicion that O’Neill, like Redknapp. like Ferguson, like Wenger doesn’t see the irresistible allure in all these transfers that the media do.

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