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[Vote Now] Have SPURS really punched above their weight this season?

We all know it’s been a painful few weeks for Spurs. Their collapse in form has been quick and bloody, with losses in their past 3 Premiership games. 8 points above fourth just 6 weeks ago, they now cling on to a 1 point gap.

But before I ruin your Fridays any further let’s try to be constructive about this. If Spurs are going to turn things around, the first step may be to figure out just where it all went so wrong? What or who is causing the slump?

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If we look at the timing of spurs troubles then this would seem to be the obvious culprit. It wouldn’t be the first time this kind attention has unsettled a club and its player. A similar thing happened to Fulham when Keegan was set to take over the England job.

Harry has repeatedly refuted that this will affect the player, but as most of them were brought in by Redknapp, and as he is very much the main man (as opposed to a European Head coach role), it is obvious they will be wondering about the future of the club and the squad if Harry leaves.

This matter has not been helped by the lack of decision from Harry. There seems to a new quote almost everyday: now he will, now he won’t, now he might stay until the summer.

This is not a dig at Harry, as until the FA make an approach there is little he can do, but it has still been an unsettling time for the clubs, and the fans, so why not the players?

Harry seems to have gotten away with what was really a pretty poor transfer window. Just because the club held on to its big stars everything appeared well on the surface. But beneath that, a lot of decent fringe players left, and those who were brought in were no improvement, and in the case of the Bassong/Nelson switch probably a step down.

The starting XI was not much changed, but perhaps the loss of some familiar faces and the unspoken disappointment at the clubs lack of progression has dealt the team a morale hit. The loss of form did come only a few weeks after the window closed.

Spurs were lauded for the first half of season or playing some of the most free, exciting football in England, if not Europe. But this same flair may now be costing them. Teams have figured Spurs system out and particularly the role some of the stars play. Bale faces closer scrutiny and has not impressed in his recent role on the right, whilst Modric is often finding himself double marked.

But the real problem has been in defense, and it seems harder to explain. There seems to be no rhyme or reason, but the club are now leaking goals like a bottom three team. A shake up of the system may be needed.

It always used to annoy me when pundits say things like ‘they have a history of winning’, or ‘they’ve done it all before’. How ridiculous I’d think. Those past results have no relevance to a match with mostly new players happening this weekend.

And yet here we are again, with Man United somehow climbing above a City team that to be honest contains much more talent. And here Spurs are again, slipping away just as we are on the verge of something great. If it seems familiar it should, the whole thing happened only 6 years ago, (lets hope for no food poisoning this season).

It’s a depressing thought, and frankly one that I’m aware offers little constructive answers, but it’s a thought I can’t shake none the less.

Should Spurs be happy if they finished the season in fourth? It’s a hard sell to fans that were a few weeks ago calculating the point’s gap to the top, but it’s what Harry believes.

‘If we finish in the top four we have over-punched our weight to be perfectly truthful,’ Redknapp told The Mail.

‘We will have way exceeded expectations. We’ve only finished above Arsenal once and finishing above Chelsea… my god! Finishing above Liverpool is hard enough.

‘We’ve only finished in the top four once. It’s not as if we have been there every year. It will be a fantastic achievement if we do it this year and I think we will do it.’

Possibly true, but it’s not what Spurs fans will be hoping to hear at this time of the season. We want to hear a rousing Churchill-esque speech Harry. Not a moment of down beat realism.

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Article title: [Vote Now] Have SPURS really punched above their weight this season?

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