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An explosive week in WAGdonia, the realm of the relentlessly rich.

Wayne Rooney managed to muster up all that he ever learned at The Kirby Charm School if you believe the allegation flying about that he supposedly told Coleen to, ‘Get over it’.

A club insider revealed more…“He knows he has been a mug but thinks he can fix the marriage. The last thing he wants is a divorce. He is desperate to avoid that.”

Enter stage left, Hamish. Hamish Thompson.

Youve seen ‘Father Of The Bride’, now meet, ‘Father Of The Brass’. “Jennifer is our daughter and we love her and we will deal with this matter as a family, not via the media.”

He told….er, the media…

Elsewhere we have the grimacing, death mask smile that is Christine Bleakley. In case you have been living in a cave in Scotland, she’s embarked upon this new morning show called ,’Daybreak’ with Baggies fan Adrian Chiles.

The trailers are abysmally chummy.

I’m an Eamonn Holmes fan. Against the tide of witless promotion the Norn Irishman said,’ “All this chemistry stuff is nonsense. It is not important at all.”

He’s bang on, there. You’ll have seen more chemistry in one of those sets you got from your uncle Roger when you were seven.

And Peter Crouch’s Abbey Clancy is apparently pregnant.

That’ll be an interesting looking child.

Until next week…

Could you keep her up all night?

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