“We are so proud” Arsenal fans react to FA Cup semi-final win over Manchester City

Finally, there’s something to cheer about at Arsenal after manager Arsene Wenger led his side to a 2-1 FA Cup semi-final victory over Manchester City at Wembley earlier this afternoon.

Gunners punters in the pub were delighted with the win over City, which means they have to beat just Chelsea in five weeks time to secure their first and only piece of silverware of the season.

It’s a result that has certainly taken the pressure off of the shoulders of under-fire Arsene Wenger, who for the first time in what seems a while, enjoyed a realatively calm match from the sidelines, without enduring the wrath of the frustrated Gunners faithful.

And as always, Gunners fans had a lot to say about the result both here in the bar and at the match, which was a huge win despite their league position.

So here’s a selection of our favourite Arsenal tweets following the FA Cup semi-final win…

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