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‘We best be signing Messi’ – Newcastle fans on Twitter absolutely fuming after club post

The Newcastle fans in the Transfer Tavern have been venting their frustration at their club on Twitter today as the club have hiked the prices of season tickets by up to £100 in some areas. The club announced via Twitter that fans can now renew their season tickets and it’s been met by angry responses as the fans went to the Newcastle website to find the increase in price.

St James Park capacity of just over 52,000 means that the club consistently have a large amount of money coming in from the gate, plus the fact that the Premier League TV money has come in and is the largest fee that it has ever been means that the fans can rightly aggrieved by having to pay more money to watch their side turn out every other week in Newcastle.

The Magpies will be expecting some big money to pumped into the club in the form of a transfer budget as the club look to kick on from this season’s 10th place finish. The fans will most likely still pay for their season tickets, despite the prices going up, leaving Mike Ashey with more money in his pocket that the club won’t see invested into the team. Although if funds do become available, the fans will at least be able to say they’ve contributed further.

You can read our irate Geordies’ comments on the new season ticket prices here:

Newcastle fans are well within their rights to be fuming at the club. Price rises are the last thing the fans wanted or expected, yet some fans are faced with paying over £100 more just to watch their team play football.

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