‘Wenger Out’ – Arsenal fans react in typical fashion to club’s Twitter post

The Gunners here in the Tavern have enjoyed one of the most exciting domestic weeks in an Arsenal shirt so far this season, firstly downing their North London rivals to then be followed up by a last gasp winner away at Burnley. Indeed, this season has been a pretty rough ride for all involved, so at last a sense of happiness has been reimbursed into fans hearts. 

However, one underlying factor becomes a regular repeat in the downfall of this Arsenal side. Thursday night’s Europa League defeat to a side bottom of the Bundesliga with only 2 points to their name, triggered a familiar sound of some expected criticism aimed towards one man in particular, Arsene Wenger.

The Frenchman has always been the go to man when things aren’t going the club’s way, with many fans taking to Twitter to publish their ready-made #WengerOut tweet saved in their drafts. For a manager whose given his life, love and devotion to the club, he doesn’t half receive an awful lot of hatred in return for it, resulting in Wenger always being a bad performance away from a flurry of bullets thrown his way, in a bombardment of opinions from Arsenal fans.

Surely, after two recent winning performances in the league, what’s there to moan about?

Still, with years of wisdom under his belt, Arsene Wenger displayed his pleasure with the team’s improvements but stressed that an awful lot of work is still to be done, after the club’s Twitter handle promoted Wenger’s wise words.

Indeed, with the responses that are given on Arsenal Fan TV, you can only imagine the kind of thoughts and opinion flying through some of the Gunners minds. Without further ado, here’s a look at what was said in reply…

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