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Three Reasons Why™ West Ham Don’t Deserve Promotion

Unfortunately for Hammers fans Carlton Cole’s brace against Hull on Saturday and the resultant victory was not enough to gain the second automatic promotion place after Southampton’s emphatic victory against Coventry.  

The West Ham crowd were singing about bubbles and promotion, but to be fair automatic promotion was always out of United’s hands and was Southampton’s to lose. 

The Irons did what they had to do but so did the Saints meaning the Hammers have to go through the pressure of the play-offs to attain promotion. 

Below I look at three reasons why I believe the Hammers don’t deserve to be promoted to the Premier League:


 The main stumbling block preventing the Hammers from achieveing automatic promotion this season must be their poor form at Upton Park.  When you look at the Championship table in detail you can see that Sam Allardyce’s men have drawn far too many games at home when compared to the top two teams.

If a club is not performing well at home surely some of the blame can be assigned to the support.  If the home crowd cannot push and encourage the team to a victory then the club has not got the foundations for success.  Should West Ham make it through the play-offs and achieve promotion their home form has to become more consistent as Premier League survival hinges on home form and the ability to make your home stadium a ‘fortress’.


The fact that Allardyce has apparently decided to set the team to play in a way that is not what Hammers fans consider as attractive football is a real weak point.  For a club to be successful I believe that manager, players, chairman, board and fans all need to be pulling in the same direction and singing from the same hymne sheet.  The fact that a sizable proportion of fans are unhappy with the way the team is playing may link back to their inconsistency at home and thus undermines the teams performance.


With all the big names at West Ham and the appointment of Allardyce as manager it seems to the casual outsider that the Hammers seem to be buying their way back into the Premiership.  Now I am a realist and do understand that money can give you the ability to gain advantages, and this is fair enough.  But I do not think it should be the only factor in determining who is successful and who is not.

Money for me is less important than the passion of the fans and the commitment of the players.   A club that views money as the most important factor in achieving success is doomed to fail.

To say that West Ham deserve to be in the Premiership is short-sighted.  It is true that they have the infrastructure, manager and some players which are of Premiership quality.  However I believe you get what you deserve.  Reading and Southampton deserve to be in the Premiership as they have achieved promotion already.  Whoever comes through the play-offs to achieve promotion will deserve to be in the Premiership.  Will this be West Ham?  Well we’ll just have to wait and see…

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