West Ham’s 8yr Andy Carroll Deal? Beyond Parody

West Ham United never fail to surprise anybody. Only a few weeks after they were calling for a cap on Premier League wages, the newly promoted East End club have now outlined a £36million package for Andy Carroll if he were to join the side permanently, according to the Daily Mail.

Sam Allardyce has had the Geordie number 9 at the top of his list for some time and, with the support of chairman David Gold, looks set to offer Carroll an 8 year deal on his current £90,000 a week salary.

Carroll, who took part in Liverpool’s friendly against Tottenham last Saturday, is said to favour a move back to his native North East. Ideally the striker would like to remain on Merseyside and prove that he can play in Brendan Rodgers’ system yet if he is to leave then Newcastle would be the preferred destination. The striker seems reluctant to join West Ham, yet such an extravagant deal might help him to change his mind.

Concentrating on the deal, let’s just illustrate how ridiculous this proposition is from West Ham. Firstly the 8-year deal would keep Carroll with the Hammers until he is 31. Such a long-term deal is surely ridiculous in a sport where injury and loss of form is rife.

More specifically, although he looked brighter towards the end of last year, Carroll has lacked form ever since his arrival on Merseyside. Such form is not guaranteed to come back if he moves East London meaning such a lengthy contract is a huge gamble.

Secondly and more importantly, lets look at the money. West Ham have stated that they are willing to give £36 million to the former Newcastle man, plus the £19m or so it will take to get him from Liverpool. £55 million in total is a lot of spend on a players career and especially on someone as unproven as Andy Carroll.

The Liverpool number has yet to have a prolific season in the Premier League and certainly is not worth this extravagant sum of money.

To continue, this move is highly hypocritical on West Ham’s part. Only a few weeks ago David Gold and the West Ham board were expressing their wishes for a Premier League wage cap – now they look set to offer one of the most lucrative long term deals in Premier League history.

The Hammer’s ridiculous desire to guarantee so much money to Andy Carroll shows that there are real issues in the business department of West Ham Football Club.

West Ham’s move for Carroll is not only detrimental to a Premier League wage cap campaign that West Ham were a keen member of but may also be a significant waste of their time. Attempting to persuade the striker with money is a last gasp effort by David Gold to lure Carroll to East London, with the striker preferring to remain on Merseyside or return to Tyneside.

Yet more significantly, it shows that there are either significant pressures to perform for West Ham or that there are real issues with the business decisions at the football club. Yes Carroll would be a good signing for Sam Allardyce, yet he is certainly not worth the extravagant sum West Ham seem willing to pay. It is arguable as to whether he would definitely help the club avoid relegation, a task that will surely be pinned upon him if he joins the club on loan.

The Hammers would surely be more worthwhile investing some of that ‘guaranteed money’ in other players to strengthen their squad. They’re going to need to if they are to stay up this year.

“We don’t really learn anything from sending players to the Championship for a second time.”

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