What Are Kenny & Fergie Looking At?

Last week’s Premier League encounter at Anfieldbetween great English rivals Liverpool and Manchester United ended in a 1-1 draw as the teams cancelled each other out. While on the pitch is was a battle between two talented teams, off it two legendary Scottish managers were also doing battle.

In Liverpool’s dugout there was Kenny Daglish, in Man United’s, Sir Alex Ferguson. Both are rightfully icons are their respective clubs and both have been there, done it and got the t-shirt. However, neither can believe their eyes in this picture, but what have they seen?

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   This Is The One

Written over the course of two eventful, diverse and controversial seasons, This Is the One offers a unique portrait of Sir Alex Ferguson from a privileged position behind the scenes.

Told from the perspective of The Guardian’s dedicated Manchester football correspondent, Daniel Taylor, who has been there from day one, the book examines every side of Ferguson, mixing the flint-faced authoritarian caricature, the infamous hairdryer treatment and the softer, humane side of an immensely likeable man.

Entertaining, revelatory, sometimes shocking but always affectionate, this is an honest biography of a manager who infuriates as much as he inspires, but whose heart is as big as the Man Utd trophy room.

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