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What Have The Glazer’s Done Wrong?

Although the answer may simply be ‘pi**ed off the whole of Old Trafford’. It’s always wise to look around for all possible reasons.

There is a big difference between Manchester United fans and the current owners, the Glazer’s. While the fans would love nothing more than to see success on the field, it seems the owner’s primary aim is to yield a profit….for themselves!

The fact is that United are, financially, in a position that scares many fans. The on field success may be very good, and the team have been successful since the Glazer’s took over in 2005 but in terms of money, they are losing. Of the original £810m price of the club in 2005, the Glazer’s paid £272m, with the rest borrowed from banks and, very expensively, from hedge funds. With interest rates and repayments coming into play, it is becoming very unclear as to how the club is planning on settling the outstanding amount.

It was widely publicised that Manchester United only managed to make a profit last year because of the £80m sale of Cristiano Ronaldo. Could it be Rooney next? Possibly what the fans are beginning to fear. Could it be that United are going to become a ‘selling club’ under the Glazer’s? Well, if that is the case then it would be Sir Alex Ferguson who would leave first.

Although the United fans are worrying, the fact that Ferguson is still there should give them some sort of confidence. Everybody knows that if the club was being run in the wrong way then Ferguson would be out of the door before you could say ‘Newton Heath’. The green and yellow (credit to the person who thought of the idea) is a perfect way of voicing your feelings. Not only do the colours stand out like a sore thumb amongst the red of Old Trafford, but they also signify a sense of pride. The original colours of Manchester United would be fairly unknown to the younger supporters who never saw the likes of Cantona playing in the colours in the early 90’s but it certainly is making a statement.

The realistic truth is, the owners have got it wrong. They have built up a debt that many are starting to believe they cannot, and will not be able to, pay back. If that is the case then they have to go. Football clubs are not ‘franchises’, a mistake that many an American makes when purchasing a Premier League club.

If the Glazers want to sort things out, a trip to Birmingham and a word with Randy Lerner would be my advice. Avoid Anfield at all costs!

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Article title: What Have The Glazer’s Done Wrong?

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