‘What on earth was he doing?!’ – Twitter reacts to Mignolet’s free-kick howler for Liverpool vs Chelsea

The Liverpool fans in the Transfer Tavern are sat around the pool table trying to figure out what Simon Mignolet was doing last night…

In fairness, the Belgian had a pretty good game, but whilst he did save the game by keeping a Diego Costa penalty out – nobody is talking about that.

Instead, everyone is talking about the howler that the Belgian had when facing David Luiz’s free kick. Despite the referee clearly blowing his whistle, Mignolet was, seemingly, still preparing his wall – allowing Luiz to smash the ball into the back of the net with ease.

It was a great finish by the Brazilian defender, but there is no doubting that Mignolet should have done better – especially given that the Belgian wasn’t even looking at the ball when it hit the back of the net.

Expectedly, the fans in the Transfer Tavern erupted when the ball went in – with most laughing at Mignolet, rather than celebrating Luiz’s wonderful finish.

See that Twitter thought of the howler below…

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