‘When He Quits, Then You’ll Know’ Thierry Henry Backs Arsene Wenger To The Hilt

Arsenal icon Thierry Henry believes Arsene Wenger ’s success as Arsenal boss will only be realised once he has left the North London club.

Wenger has been in charge of The Gunner for 15 years and Henry, who played under him for 8 years, recently spoke of his huge respect for his former boss.

Despite Wenger statistically enduring his worst start as Arsenal boss this season, as well as increasing pressure from a minority of Gooners, the 34-year-old New York Red Bulls star claims the fans shouldn’t forget what his fellow Frenchman has done for the club:

‘It hasn’t been easy for Arsene. I hope with all my heart that we’ll win a trophy.

‘The two Manchester clubs will make it difficult but, once again, let’s not forget what Arsene has done for Arsenal.

‘It’s always easy to judge on the spur of the moment in football, that’s the way it is.

‘The day he stops, quite a lot of people will realise what he’s done for the club.

‘It’s always easy to criticise but can you find better than Wenger?’

He added:

‘Arsenal play good football and I’ve become a Gunners supporter for life.’

Do you agree with Henry?

Will we only realise Wenger’s succes once he departs?

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