Who Should Replace Andy Gray & Richard Keys?

As allegations of bullying are emerging in the aftermath of this season’s biggest transfer as Mssrs Gray & Keys went on a free from SKY’s luxurious studios to their local job centre.

But who’ll be the new ‘Face of Football’ and host coverage of the world’s greatest league? Ben Shepherd’s name will be put forward, but for me he’s totally unconvincing as a football presenter.

I keep expecting him to say,’Welcome to Monday Night Football where we have a relegation dog fight on our hands…but first here’s Gino who’s showing us how to make a delicious three course midweek evening meal for two – all for under a fiver!…’

Two things are certain. One is that the show needs a revamp to allow the new hosts to feel as if it’s their show and the second is that there will be no shortage of applicants.

Here’s our shortlist and we’d love to hear your suggestions!

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