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Who would you buy if you were Carlo Ancelotti?

I’ve got to admit that I have a certain fondness for the cherub faced Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti. He seems to be quite the opposite of Jose Mourinho, in terms of his personality and demeanour, and yet he is still achieving similar results to the idolised former Chelsea boss.  We all know Carlo has pretty much a blank cheque at the moment to sign who he wants when he sees fit, so put yourself in his expensive Italian shoes for one moment. Cast your eyes worldwide on the sea of soccer talent that therein lies and let us know which ONE player you would sign for Chelsea to make them almost invincible in their struggle to become Premier League champions once again. To ensure your safety, I have taken the plunge myself and I believe that the one player Chelsea would be well advised to sign would be…

…Fernando Torres (Liverpool) £A flaming lot of money, but it would be worth it.  

I must admit, I almost put down Alexandre Pato of Milan, chiefly because he is young, Carlo Ancelotti knows his potential and his abilities and I think he is an ideal partner for both Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka. The Liverpool fan within me was screaming “Put Pato down! Don’t risk the ire of angry Liverpool fans coming on and calling you a Charlatan, Judas and various bitter expletives” but in the end I had to go with what I truly believe would make Chelsea a better team. To my mind, that means signing one of the two best strikers in the world, to go along with the other one you already have in Drogba.

The partnership of Torres and Drogba would be a nightmare for any team. Drogaba’s strength, power and ability to hold the ball and keep it would be ideally suited to allow Torres to time his runs to perfection and get on the end of through balls, flick ons and the like. Conversely, Torres tireless running into channels, pace and movement would create equal amounts of space in the penalty box for Drogba to exploit. Add to that the creativity and goalscoring prowess from midfield and you have an attacking force that perhaps only Barcelona and Real Madrid could rival.

I do understand that Chelsea have shown defensive frailties at times this season and there are question marks over the long term future of players like Ricardo Carvalho, so I suppose logic dictates that a central defender of the utmost quality would be a more shrewd move. Peter Cech too has been worryingly ‘flappable’ at times, in more than one sense of the word, so if a top class goalkeeper became available that may be a better move. But who could you buy who is better than Cech? Iker Casillas? Not a chance. Real Madrid would not sell for any money. After that who is there? Nobody. It is the same situation with Carvalho, you have John Terry, United are not going to sell you Vidic (not that he’d want to stay in England anyway) and the less said about some of the Barcelona and Real Madrid centre backs the better (Is it me or is Carles Puyol looking more and more like an Old English Sheepdog with each season that passes?) You also have Alex waiting in the wings, Nesta and Cannavaro are too old so I don’t see an obvious replacement.

Torres for Anelka? It’s a no-brainer, to use a god awful American term. Anelka’s not done too badly at Chelsea at all and perhaps such a move would be unfair on him, but if you want someone to come in and improve the team in one stroke, Torres is your man and Anelka is the scapegoat, especially since talks over a new contract don’t seem to be going too well.

So what do you think? Am I wrong? Which ONE player would you buy if you were Carlo Ancelotti? Let us know below!

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Article title: Who would you buy if you were Carlo Ancelotti?

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