Why audacious Chelsea managerial move for Zinedine Zidane is just what is needed at Stamford Bridge

Chelsea brought in Maurizio Sarri to much fanfare over the summer, but it just hasn’t worked out. The Italian hasn’t been able to get his team playing the way that he was has wanted, and as a result, performances just haven’t been good enough.

They managed to get by earlier in the season, but in recent weeks, the wheels have really come off the wagon, and it’s now painfully obvious that the managerial situation just isn’t working at Stamford Bridge.

According to a Sky Sports report, Zinedine Zidane is one of the names that has been linked with a move to Stamford Bridge, and that’s undoubtedly a move that would divide fans.

On one hand, he’s never managed in England, whilst he doesn’t have much experience outside of Real Madrid. These are certainly valid criticisms.

However, when you look at the argument in favour of bringing someone like Zidane in, it’s a move that quickly starts to make a lot of sense.

There’s no way around it, the negativity that is at Stamford Bridge at present is greater than it has been in years. The Blues are in a really tough spot, and there does seem to be a bit of a revolt ongoing at present.

What better way to improve the situation, then, than by bringing in one of the most impressive managers in the world? Zidane proved that he’s capable of achieving immediate results during his stint with Real Madrid, having helped Los Blancos secure three consecutive Champions League trophies. He brought the best out of the players at the club, and whilst, of course, he had some of Europe’s best to choose from, that still counts for something.

Not to mention, Chelsea have some of Europe’s best in their squad, too, with players like Eden Hazard, N’Golo Kante, Cesar Azpilicueta and Gonzalo Higuain amongst the best in the world in their respective positions.

On the topic of Eden Hazard, the Belgian has repeatedly spoken of his love for Zidane (as per RTL via the Telegraph), and so there’s also the chance that bringing in the Frenchman could help the club hang on to their attacking maestro. After all, perhaps he’d love nothing better than to work under his childhood hero.

Above all else, Chelsea need results. Bringing in another unproven manager like Maurizio Sarri would cause more problems than it would solve, and that’s why Chelsea can’t afford to take that path. Zidane, meanwhile, has proven his worth – and he could prove to be exactly the sort of boost that Chelsea need.


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Why audacious Chelsea managerial move for Zinedine Zidane is just what is needed at Stamford Bridge
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