Why AVB Will Fail Once More!

I think all Chelsea and Tottenham fans alike were shocked when the rumour first broke that Andre Villas-Boas would not only be returning to the Premier League but back to London no less!

I thought the rumour would be another in a long line of managers linked with jobs that they would never get, but then the news broke on Sky Sports News that Tottenham had indeed appointed a manager who failed so miserably only 5 months earlier.

AVB arrived at Stamford Bridge full of promise after such an amazing season with FC Porto but quickly found out that the English Premier League is a whole other ball game.

After murmurings of unrest amongst the squad and public fallings out with senior players coupled with poor results on the pitch which saw Chelsea on the brink of Champions League elimination and sitting 5th in the league AVB’s torrid affair with Chelsea came to an end in Feburary. 4 months later and AVB’s assistant Roberto Di Matteo had guided the same squad of players to FA Cup and Champions League glory.

Now AVB will try his hand at another club with high expectations following their long title challenge last season and a campaign which saw them only miss out on Champions League qualification by a twist of fate and UEFA ruling.

So after such a failing at Chelsea why will AVB succeed at Spurs?

Well, in short I believe amongst other doubters that he infact won’t.

It depends on Tottenham’s club and fans interpretation of success of course, but in my outside opinion Spurs squad given a few additions is more than capable of challenging for 3rd at the very least.

AVB succeeded at Porto and no one can take away from him the great job he did there but does he have what it takes in the Premier League? I believe he does not. When appointed at Chelsea much was made of his age and inexperience and although at the time I thought the media was over negative they were proved right.

He made such basic errors at Chelsea, for instance, alienating Anelka and Alex, not appreciating the senior players, attempting to play a style which did not suit the personnal and finally being so stuborn to notic that his tactics were wrong!

Now no one can say for certain that he has or hasn’t learnt from these mistakes BUT judging from comments made recently he still feels the job he did at Chelsea was a good one and he did not deserve to be sacked, even having the cheek to say he deserves some credit for the Champions League victory! When he left we were 3-1 down after the first leg against Napoli and leaking goals like a pub side!

AVB gives the impression he feels what he is doing is right even when it is blatently wrong, an arrogance if you will, like Jose Mourinho but without the success to back it up.

Luka Modric has obviously heard about AVB’s treatment of Chelsea players as his appointment could not convince him to stick around as he looks set to finally move on. Van Der Vaart has also been linked with a move away, although he somewhat denies this.

Unless AVB changes his ways and realises a great manager must play a style which suits his players and is able to recognise and admit when he made mistakes.

I do think AVB will be a top manager one day as he obviously understands the game but I don’t see him succeeding at Spurs as a more mid-level job would have suited in order to learn the Premier League with less pressure.

So Spurs fans, do you agree or disagree?

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