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Why selling Tottenham star Dele Alli to Real Madrid might not be such a bad idea

The Tottenham fans in the Transfer Tavern couldn’t quite believe their ears when they heard that Real Madrid were keen on rising star Dele Alli…

After all, the young Tottenham star has been unstoppable for the Lilywhites so far this season. Saying that, they haven’t been too concerned over the last few weeks, with the majority confident that Alli will be keen to remain at White Hart Lane for the foreseeable future.

But would it be the right decision to hold on to the young midfielder?

On a basic level, you would think yes. Dele Alli has quickly grown into quite the impressive young player,  and it seems natural that his talent will only continue to grow as times goes on – but what of the other side of the coin?

It might seem farfetched to the Tottenham fans in attendance, but could it make sense for Spurs to move on the midfielder that is arguably emerging as their greatest player?

The immediate and most glaring benefit of selling the midfielder would be the cost involved. Signed for just £5 million in 2015 and now valued at around £50 million – Tottenham would stand to make a profit of £45 million, and that is without considering the service that Alli has already given to the club.

You could point towards the money that was wasted following Gareth Bale’s sale to argue that the benefits aren’t there – but Daniel Levy has certainly learnt his lesson, and he would surely make better use of the funds this time.

At the end of the day, Alli is just 1 player – and the fact that he is English is less significant given the number of English players that Tottenham have in their squad as it is. For £50 million, Pochettino could rebuild his attack or midfield – and still have enough money to swing by the Tavern and pick up a couple of drinks to celebrate.

You also have to consider the move from the perspective of Alli himself. The Mirror have noted that Alli would not be able to resist the move, and it is easy to see why. Los Blancos are one of Europe’s most well-known sides, and you have to consider how much exposure, not to mention the money, that Alli would get from making the jump.

The opportunity to play alongside the likes of Ronaldo and Modric, and under Zinedine Zidane, is what young players dream of – and at just 20-years-old – Alli could remain there for the best part of a decade.

If Real Madrid are going to spend enough to land him, he will surely play regularly – especially when you consider the uncertain future of Rodriguez, who he would be rivalling for a role.

On a personal level, there is no argument: for Alli, the deal would be perfect.

But more generally, would it make sense? On the grand scheme of things, the answer could certainly be a yes, especially when you consider financial and personal motives – but what do you think?

Tottenham fans – do you disagree? Surely you’d like Alli to stay?

Let us know below!

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