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Will Spurs Ever Offload Keane?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been thinking about Robbie Keane… (Oh, you haven’t? how embarrassing for me). Well, what with a prospective move to Fulham being mooted this week, I have, indeed, been thinking about Robbie, and I make no apologies for it.

Certainly, it seems Keane may soon be heading for the White Hart Lane exit, and you have to wonder if offloading him to Craven Cottage this summer is an opportunity to good to pass up.

Keane has been a great servant and productive outlet for Tottenham in the past and so it is unfair to criticise too heavily. His primary Spurs spell was distinguished. A vital and vivid creative force, he became a popular figure and duly scored over 100 goals. His contribution at White Hart Lane should not be underestimated.

However, that was then, this is now, and football is a fast changing and hard-nosed game. It’s a shame, but since returning from Liverpool, Keane has just not cut it at Tottenham. Last year his movement was substandard, he looked sluggish, off the pace, and offered very little; hence, an outward loan deal ensued.

Keane is, simply, superfluous at White Hart Lane and not part of future plans. A world class forward reaching their zenith is required ahead of a vitally significant season, and so it seems prudent to offload now whilst interest is evident and some extra transfer funds could be garnered.

The Spurs Ship is primed, the wind is right, the sails are up, but decks need clearing.

Thus, Robbie’s future seemingly lies elsewhere, and both Fulham and Aston Villa have been strongly linked.

Now, although I suggested he has no future at Tottenham, he does undoubtedly have life left in him and the potential to flourish elsewhere (and not just in a condescending ‘here you go, a few scraps that we deemed not good enough for our dinner table, but you pathetic little peasants can gleefully gorge away on the dirty floor’ kind-of-way).

A stagnant and spent force at one club can well be revitalised at another, such is the nature of football. Indeed, it has been proven in the past – only last year with Darren Bent, to stay on topic – that a change can blow those languid cobwebs away, and Robbie’s successful loan spell at Celtic last season (scoring 16 times from only 19 appearances) reinforced the fact he remains a deft player. Evidently, get his confidence back and you can profit.

Robbie needs reviving. Picture if you will (come on, come along on the journey) Keane sprawled inertly on the floor, big Martin Jol looming over him with warm, bated breath, offering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation; granted not a pleasant image, but it could prove fruitful for Fulham, (or Villa, if you wish to replace Jol for O’Niell – hey, it’s your fantasy, do what you want).

At 30-years-old, Keane has a Premier League future, just not at Tottenham.

Good luck, good night, safe journey onwards, you pointing, shouting, little scamp.

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Article title: Will Spurs Ever Offload Keane?

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