World Cup winning star claims Chelsea boss sabotaged his chances of joining Arsenal

Iker Casillas (Real Madrid)Metro have managed to get Chelsea fans looking up with interest here in the Football Transfer Tavern as they seem to think Iker Casillas blames Jose Mourinho for sabotaging a deal between himself and Arsenal.

Now as one of our La Liga experts reminds us, the pair had a terrible relationship at Real Madrid, leading to Mourinho’s departure, and now it seems that the Blues boss would rather see Petr Cech leave for Arsenal than allow Casillas to join a top club when Real Madrid disguard him – although as our regulars note, it seems like a case of Cech having it and Casillas not to us.

Casillas and his camp have claimed Mourinho is behind a move falling though according to sources, but as our landlord notes, if Mourinho really wanted to sabotage Arsene Wenger, he may as well just block the Cech deal and allow Casillas to move to Arsenal given he is the ultimate goalkeeping liability.

Arsenal fans. Cech or Casillas? Is this even a question? Let us know your thoughts below!

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