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Would The Inappropriate Use Of Bulldog Clips Constitute ‘Constructive Dismissal’?

An olive branch? How about a whacking great stick with a rusty nail sticking out the end of it?

I suppose Roberto has to avoid the ‘constructive dismissal’ and ‘defamation of character [sic]’ side of things. Which is a shame, because everyone – even those who have to tread on eggshells and mince around the regulations know damn well that Tevez was, and on the latest evidence still is… an idiot.

I like Mancini’s style, even in this latest development. ‘You apologise, you can start losing weight and sit on the bench for a while, and see how you react this time, assface.’ But surely it’s not going to pan out that way, and I hope it doesn’t. I hope Korabollcokchin keeps putting the bulldog clips on Carlos’ testicles and eggs him on to sue Manicini, and it all gets super-silly. It’s the perfect smokescreen for our continued success. Well, it seems to have worked so far.

Unless, of course, we revert to European type tonight at Villareal. As many have pointed out, Mancini’s domestic record at Inter was nothing short of superb, but he fell short on the bigger stage, and it’s not really clear why. Especially when Inter were no strangers to the scene, albeit after a few seasons in the wilderness. We shall see. Tonight’s not the night we’ll find out, but it will be a massive boost if confidence is in any way a factor for Mancini or the squad.

I don’t think Tevez will apologise, because he isn’t sorry about what happened, whatever it woz wot ‘appen. I actually think he’s a bit screwy, and by putting two and two together and getting 4,455,638, thought refusing to play might land him in Utopia.

He knows what he did and didn’t do. So does everybody else. Unfortunately, the PFA has its head up its arse, and too many people are prancing and giggling nervously around agents and lawyers. Maybe Hughes will sue us next, because he can’t find a decent job or hold it down if he does. And what’s the connection here?

Gimme that stick…

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