Yes, He Is Worth £50,000 pwk Or At Least He Will Be Very Soon

Raheem Sterling has no doubt been one of the jewels in the crown for Liverpool this season as  Brendan Rodgers’s looks to stamp his on his authority at Anfield. But with the 17-year old fastly becoming one of the Premier Leagues most promising young stars, has he learnt to keep his head on the ground.

Various news reports have stated that the youngster is believed looking for a very significant wage increase, somewhere around the 60,000 pwk mark.  Which woul transform him into one of the higher wage earners at Anfield. So I pose the question, on what Merit?

True the youngster has stepped up to the mark and shown his capabilities. However I think the player should listen more to his manager, rather than the little voice inside his head. I don’t think that Raheem would have got as much game time had Liverpool got Dempsey in the last window. However at the moment Rodgers finds himself in a Catch 22 situation.

If he carries on playing him, Raheem may well start start believing in the hype, when in truth he hasn’t not done that much for Liverpool FC as of yet. What he should be doing is taking small steps to an ultimate goal. There is a difference between confidence and arrogance. Hopefully he won’t get too ahead of himself, as he only need only glance at teammate Joe Cole to see were that could lead.

I think Raheem justifies being granted an improved deal at the end of the season, one that reflects his performances as a whole. Football is a funny old game and you never know what might happen, however I can’t see Liverpool bowing down to player pressure.

Hopefully these are all rumours as we’ve all been disappointed seeing a player of such early promise fail to make the grade and I only hope that  Raheem will show the brave, confident character I’ve seen throughout his Liverpool displays and agree’s on what’s best for his future. Maybe after one or two season of consistently performing well for his club, Raheem will have earned his pay rise. But not just yet.

As the Smith song goes “You just haven’t earned it yet, baby”.

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