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You Don’t Know What You’re Doing!

There is no question that a referee’s job is a difficult one, having to make split second decisions in crucial situations, with thousands of fans screaming down you’re ears.

All while having to keep up with some of the worlds fastest athletes and most convincing divers. For this we have sympathy for the ref and we except that they are only human and do make mistakes.

However there is only so much empathy we can have for men that continue to amaze us by ruining games with poor and rushed decision that rob teams of points and sometimes players. Heres my 3 main culprits that I release unfit for duty.

My first referee to be unofficially released is Mike Dean, he secured his place on the list after momentarily losing his cool during last seasons North London derby. To the gunners disgust he is caught announcing himself as a Spurs fan with a muted celebration to a Luis Saha goal. There is nothing wrong with a referee supporting a premier league club, deep inside there is a fan just like all of us. All we ask is that the referee be completely unbiased to both teams, and it’s quite clear that this is not the case for Mr Dean.

The next referee to go is Chris Foy, with a perfect example of how significant a wrong decision can be. On the last day of the 11/12 season Bolton needed a win at Stoke to stay up and against all odds it was all going to plan. That was until Chris Foy ultimately sealed their fate by giving a Stoke goal when Bogdan was clearly impeded.

Bolton had a disappointing campaign and were relegated by a season of poor results but the Trotters will certainly feel cheated by Foy. Many will also remember his failure to spot Gary Neville’s last crunching tackle against West Brom that ultimately persuaded him to retire. Foy was also the ref that failed to see Vidic’s infamous handball against Arsenal. Both were textbook examples of a red card and penalty.

Last but certainly not least, the final referee to be released unfit for purpose is Howard Webb. Not only is he a well known Manchester United fan and continues to referee each crucial game they play. But the “greatest referee in England” is public Enemy number one throughout Europe due to his disastrous performances at the international stage. Most famously in the 2010 world cup final where he dished out 12 yellow cards and 1 red in a heated match from the start.

The pinnacle of Webb’s career ultimately turned into his worst nightmare, as he failed to handle the pressure and take control of the game. It was a game dictated by controversy but Nigel De Jong’s famous Kung-fu kick on Xabi Alonso was only deemed worthy of a yellow card, while Ramos was removed for much less.

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Article title: You Don’t Know What You’re Doing!

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