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You Know You’re A Die Hard Man United Fan When…

Every football club is different, that’s one of the joys of football. Each club has their own little quirks and irks. So you know you’re a die hard Man United Fan when…

You walk to the ground and buy a Red Issue, ‘cause it’s considerably better than United We Stand.

You walk past the giant anchor thing past Sam Platt’s and still look up to its top, though you’ve seen it hundreds of times.

You queue for an age to get into Bishop’s Blaize for a warm beer, just ‘cause of the atmosphere.

You go into Bishop’s Blaize and see Pete Boyle.

You go into Bishop’s Blaize and hear Pete Boyle singing ‘Eric The King’.

You walk through the Munich tunnel and see two old fellows debating the Busby babes.

You take a hipflask with you ‘cause (A) You don’t want to drink massively overpriced Budweiser (B) It’s A European game and you can’t get a massively overpriced Budweiser (C) You’re making a stance and not giving any more money to the owners (D) All of the three.

You still go to Carling Cup games against lower league opposition, even though you know you’re being ripped off, will only be watching the reserve team and the ground will be half empty.

You get into the ground and nearly keel over at the amount of stairs you climb to get to your block.

You get to your seat and stand until kick off, then you must sit down.

You get to your seat and there’s always that one older gentleman who despises Ryan Giggs.

You get to your seat and there’s always a ton of people who can do a better job than Fergie.

You get to your seat and there’s someone on the phone waving to their friend on the other side of the ground saying some daft shit like: “Look I’m waving now, I’m in a red top.”

You get excited when Fergie responds to “Fergie give us a wave.”

And finally…..

You know you’re a die hard Manchester United fan when you still support the club despite all the horrendous shite that’s been going on since the Glazer takeover.

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