ZOOMagazine Survey – Football Better Than Sex – But Only Just!

Football is better than sex, Fact!

The truth is finally out on what our favourite past time is. With recent results from a ZOO magazine survey showing that if we could only choose one in our lives; either sex or football, it would be football. The vote was close however with 46% choosing sex and 54% choosing football. I wonder whether it depended on how good their football team was or, their sexual partner, this we will never know.

The sheer excitement of overpaid superstars kicking a ball around for 90 minutes between two white sticks, is obviously something we can’t live without. This is how many may view the beautiful game in it its most simplistic turns, however I am not one of them.

Nothing quite gets the blood rushing at the sight of a 30 yard screamer, 50-50 challenges, and players sweating blood and tears for their team. Watching your team destroy your biggest rival in comfortable fashion, something I got to enjoy last Sunday. Not only is it about watching the game however but also the vast opinions that surround it. Some fans may not be as hardcore as others, watching most games on TV but their knowledge and opinion is just as valid.

Football can be regarded as a fans way of life, many will take jobs that fit around their football as opposed to the other way round. Jobs that mean taking a couple of days off in the week, watching your team abroad, it’s almost like a full time job in itself. It doesn’t compare to any other sport in this country for the rivalries and banter that it brings. It can make or break your Monday morning at work if your team have let you down, or gone top of the league. Had Liverpool lost on Sunday, going back to work that evening would have been a much harder task.

The next ZOO results survey furthers reinforces the point made earlier that Football is more important than sex.

When asked what disappoints you more: players who cheat on the pitch or players who cheat on their partners? A whopping 75% of football fans said they were more disappointed when a player cheats on the pitch as opposed to on their partners.

Put simply who cares about their celebrity lifestyles and the front pages, all we care about is their efforts on the pitch. Monday morning at work is the; ‘was it a penalty or was it a dive debate?’ Not whether our idols have been sleeping around during the post match celebrations.

While it is wrong that footballers get away with things a normal citizen wouldn’t it is also harsh that should they make a mistake off the pitch it is advertised across all the national newspapers. After all they are only human and I am sure we have all made mistakes of some form.

However on the pitch, watching a match, nothing is more infuriating than seeing a player take a tumble that would be more suited in an Olympic diving competition. I do not miss Ronaldo for precisely this reason, Nani is the next guilty party, although I think it’s fair to say he can be forgiven for last Sunday’s fall. Finally the bottom line is what happens on the pitch, because as fans we see exactly what happens, while there will be many debates and divided opinions, we all see the same thing. For every front page story that goes up, there will always be a little bit of caution as to whether it is true or not, just like a transfer rumour.

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