Date: 16th August 2012 at 8:24am
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Thanks to our friends at CNN International we are able to bring you this exclusive interview with ex Chelsea boss and now Paris St Germain supremo, Carlo Ancelotti.

Carlo Ancelotti:   I think that we have a fantastic team; we have to challenge other fantastic teams in Europe.  I think that we are ready to challenge.

CNN’s Don Riddell: You’ve worked under Berlusconi, Abramovich, now the owners of Paris Saint Germain; are some billion dollar owners more demanding than others?

Carlo Ancelotti: At the end, they love football like me, they are very passionate, they love their club; I would like to leave a good memory on this club for the future.

[on PSG’s summer signings]

Carlo Ancelotti: For PSG it was not an easy market but I think that the club worked really hard, we were able to do… we spent a lot of money, but I think that for the future of the club it’s fantastic.

CNN’s Don Riddell: As a manager, if you could choose, do you think you’d get more satisfaction out of building a team and managing a team where you didn’t have all this money and they were successful, or do you not think it matters?

Carlo Ancelotti: For me it’s a fantastic experience because I am, I feel part of an important project, part of a project is to build a very good club in France, in Paris; Paris is a fantastic city, the only club that lives in Paris is Paris Saint Germain, this is very good motivation for every one of us. 

CNN’s Don Riddell: When you find the football scores what’s the first score you look for?

Carlo Ancelotti: Milan 

CNN’s Don Riddell: Best player you’ve ever coached?

Carlo Ancelotti: Maldini 

CNN’s Don Riddell: Player you’d like to coach one day?

Carlo Ancelotti: I have all the players here, so… [laughs] 

CNN’s Don Riddell: Are you superstitious?

Carlo Ancelotti: A little bit 

CNN’s Don Riddell: Which team has the best fans?

Carlo Ancelotti: In my opinion Liverpool fans, when they sing a song they… I don’t know in English, but your skin is…

CNN’s Don Riddell: The hairs stand up?

Carlo Ancelotti: Yes.