Pulling off these two major coups would change Celtic’s summer

Brendan Rodgers is building something of a dynasty at Celtic, but improving in Europe will weigh heavy on the Northern Irishman’s shoulders. 

Domestically, the Bhoys remained dominant last season. Despite not going unbeaten, they showed they are a cut above any other team Scotland has to offer.

Brendan Rodgers has built a team with a strong spine, also peppered with class throughout the team. He has built a team full of leaders, capable of playing to the last minute.

After crashing out of both the Champions League and Europa League, Rodgers will be wondering how to take Celtic to the next level. The answer has to be the continuous improvement of the squad. The squad likely does not need to be improved to ensure another Scottish title, or even treble. However, if Rodgers wants to break Europe he needs quality throughout the squad, as well as serious depth. With the success of the club, it means they have to play far more fixtures than many clubs.

With that in mind, who are two coups which would transform Celtic’s summer…

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