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Cowards Mail Bombs

It’s not me being a shandy drinking southerner that the whole sectarian thing ‘passes me by’ it’s the fact that I have an IQ greater than that of roadkill.

It is an understatement to say that it’s a sorry business that there are cowards out there prepared to mail a football manager a bomb. Brainwashed by a hate culture that probably looked like quite a happening gang to join in the middle ages, this urge to kill over the politics of religion is in the 21st century – a dumb  disgrace.

I wonder how many individuals who side either publically or privately with the cowards feel about the whole 911 business? Or was that justifiable too because of an all consuming obsession with scripture? Oh I’m sorry, I asked just asked questions of a group who’s value system is bankrupted. Silly me.

In the 18th minute of last night’s game the travelling support decided to show their, and our, support for the Celtic manager. This is going to be a regular occurrence from now to the end of the season.

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Article title: Cowards Mail Bombs

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