Steven Gerrard showing shades of a certain Jose Mourinho at Rangers

Steven Gerrard showing shades of a certain Jose Mourinho at Rangers

Rangers are now stumbling eight points behind bitter rivals Celtic after a couple of poor performances and results, and the wheels might well be falling off from within.

Steven Gerrard has never been afraid to voice his concern if he believes something isn’t right.

A relentless worker, leader and role model during his playing career and a tough manager now, Gerrard has been true to form when addressing some of the major concerns he has over the attitude of his squad.

Fans aren’t exactly disagreeing with him either with most echoing his concerns that players have done little to deserve being so complacent at such an important stage of the season.

Gerrard may be right, but by publicly outing members of his squad he’s playing a very dangerous game.

Indeed, in an age where internal revolts can dictate the future of a manager’s career at a club, we’ve already seen the likes of media shaming pro-Jose Mourinho ousted from both Chelsea and Manchester United after his players took a disliking to his practises.

And that’s someone who’s experienced major success throughout his long and illustrious career.

Gerrard, for all his quality as a player, is unproven as a manager.

There’s a very fine line the current Gers boss would do well not to cross if he wants to make a success of his first big job in coaching.

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